The ROES Client will not send my order to the lab

The most current send issue is with FTP and Java 7. Java changed their FTP calls in version 7, and in Windows, due to a bug in the operating system (specifically Windows Firewall), FTP fails. Many labs have changed to a new transmission method ROES offers, however most are still using the usually reliable FTP. The easiest fix may be to remove Java 7 and install Java 6, which can be obtained here. The other fix is to turn off the problem issue in Windows Firewall, which can be done via the following steps:

Click Start in Win 7/Vista, then choose All Programs, Accessories, and right-click on Command Prompt.
Choose Run as Administrator in the list and the black command window will open. At the prompt type:

netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFTP disable

and press Enter. An 'OK' should appear below it and bounce back to a prompt. Then type


and press Enter to formally quit the window. After that ROES orders should send OK via FTP. The command simply turns off a check in Windows Firewall that is causing the issue. The Java bug report can be seen here.